II International fruit and vegetable fair

II International fruit and vegetable fair



Post date: 20 July 2017

II International fruit and vegetable fair will be held at JSC "Uzexpocentre" from 6 to 8 September 2017 in Tashkent. The fair is organized by the HC "Uzbekozikovkatholding", HC "Uzvinosanoat-Holding", the Association "Uzbekozikovkatzahira", JSC "Uzagroeksport", JSC "Uzexpocentre" and LLC "Directorate of International fruit and vegetable fair."

The fair will allow the Uzbek companies to present their products, expand the geography, sales market of agricultural products and to find new foreign partners and for foreign participants - to find partners to establish the supply of fruits and vegetables in their markets.

At the International fruit and vegetables fair it is expected to involve more than 150 domestic suppliers and processors of fruits and vegetables from all regions of the Uzbekistan, representatives of relevant ministries, agencies and organizations that present their products, as well as the needed information for exporters and foreign buyers.

Particularly in exhibition halls, produced in Uzbekistan fresh, dried and processed fruits, vegetables, melons and legumes, as well as spices, will be presented.

Today big interest for local producers of fruits and vegetables are foreign processing and retail companies. In order to establish cooperation links between local producers and foreign participants, “negotiation zone” will work in the pavilions of "Uzexpocentre", where suppliers will be able to hold direct talks with the representatives of foreign trade companies, in particular with the decision makers of procurement.

Also for foreign participants of the fair special tours of enterprises of fruit and vegetable processing, cold storage facilities, as well as extensive gardens will be organized.

The main purpose of the fair is:

- A wide introduction of vegetables, fruits, grapes and melons with unique qualities, as well as processed products produced in Uzbekistan to foreign partners;

- Establishing long-term and reciprocal partnership relations between the fruits and vegetables producers, processing enterprises and foreign companies-importers.

- Conclusion of contracts for the supply of fruit and vegetable products.

The Organizing Committee of the fair receives requests from representatives of foreign processing companies, retail companies, shopping and logistics centers to participate in the upcoming fairs.