”Atlas Bairami” Festival

”Atlas Bairami” Festival

Post date: 01 May 2017

"Atlas Bairami" festival will be held from 15 to 17 September in the city of Margilan. The festival is held from 2015.

"Atlas Bairami" festival contributes to the further development and popularization of national handicraft and tourism, the expansion of cooperation between artisans.

Leading masters of traditional textile and clothing design, artisans, art scientists, art managers, specialists in the field of traditional crafts management take part in the festival.

During the festival master classes and trainings for young artisans on traditional embroidery, natural dyeing, design using traditional textiles, as well as marketing and communication are held.

The program of the event also includes folk festivities, performances of folklore musical groups, performances of darvoz rope walkers, kurash competitions, plov competition and puppet show.

For the festival a small town of craftsmen is created, where the fair of applied arts of Uzbekistan will be presented. It is planned that about 120 masters from all regions of the country will come to Margilan.